Monday, May 14, 2007

That Charlie Brown

You have new Picture Mail!
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I made this shirt when Washington's cheeks were even fuller and his hair was just about invisible (top photo) and he just seemed to me like a dead-ringer for "that round-headed kid." I also figured he was so little that I could dress him however I wanted. Of course it still fits, and now he likes to pretend he's Charlie Brown.
(Knitting notes: I used "Style Your Own Kids' Knits" as my jumping-off point, but I knit in the round up to the sleeves so that I could use the "Fair-Isle Knitting Simplified" technique. If the picture were clearer, you'd see the black showing through the yellow a bit, but overall I was pleased with how it came out, though I prefer not to use Sugar & Cream cotton anymore, because it hurts my hands.)

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twisty said...

is that before and after? is the first picture from last year? he doesn't seem to look like a vanilla ice cream cone as much as last year