Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Monument to Stubbornness

Boy was I upset when I took this picture Friday night. I knew this hat wouldn't work, but I kept knitting. Specifically, I knit one hundred and eight garter stitch ridges (that's two hundred and sixteen actual rows, not to mention over one hundred picked-up stitches and k2togs), knowing that this would not look like a Kangol hat, but lying to myself that I couldn't tell for sure until I finished. Well, maybe I'll listen to myself more carefully next time. Other note to self, if it looks big on the recipient's head half-finished, it will not miraculously shrink once completed.
Anyway, the reason the bread is wearing the hat is because it was another thing where I shot myself in the foot. It rose beautifully and was all ready to cook, but the recipe stressed that it should cook for only 10 minutes at 475, then the oven needed to be turned down to 375. I put the bread in as the kids were going to bed, and I set the quiet kitchen timer. Did I hear it? No. Would the bread have looked less sunken if I had? I think so. Anyway, the bread turned out to taste just fine, and the yarn can be used again, but it would seem I need to put a little more thought into my actions. Hope everyone else had a lovely weekend.

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