Thursday, May 10, 2007

How to get your kid in the bath

bath rags
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Most of the time my kids, especially the two-year-old, are eager to get into the bath and splash, but every so often I get a big NO when I start running the water. The last time this happened, I enticed Washington in by offering him both the hand-knit washrags I've made recently. (The red one was supposed to be a dishcloth, but it seemed a tad small). They won't always wear what I've knit them, but apparently something about the feel of Kitchen Cotton, or the ability to wad and squeeze something I worked on, just captures their imaginations. The small, black washrag, which I really just made to demonstrate increases and decreases, has been a fish, a cape for a knight, a hat, a skirt . . . . I can't explain the phenomenon, but I'm certainly eager to knit a few more.

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