Friday, May 18, 2007

Congratulations, Sophia and Cristof

For the past two weeks, my free knitting moments have been focused almost exclusively on finishing a wedding present for this charming couple. My first (rather too ambitious) goal was to have two hand towels (from Mason-Dixon) ready for the actual celebration, after buying the yarn at Seaport Yarn a week before. The revised goal was to get it to them before they head back to Germany and I made it in just under the wire.
(Background: Sophia is the daughter of one of Ian's coworkers, who graciously invited the whole family, even the two short ones who don't always behave at restaurants, to the stateside postwedding celebration. The big ceremony will be in Germany later in the summer, and though we are sorely tempted, we don't think we can swing a European trip two years in a row. Anyway, though Coco and Washington had never met the newlyweds, they gravitated to them right away. Washington, in fact, took one look at Sophia in her beautiful sari, then turned to me and said, "I'm gonna marry the bride." Both the bride and groom were so patient and gracious with our children that I hope they are blessed with many of their own, if they so desire.)

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