Sunday, June 3, 2007

Super Fudge

I made these booties (from the Zoe Mellor book) three years ago, and when I heard about the arrival of our friends' new baby boy, I chose to make them again. I loved the idea of them and the picture in her book, and I loved making a narrow cable strip. I remembered struggling with the sewing up, but I figured that I had learned a lot about finishing in the last three years. Heck, I even spend my laundry-folding time watching Lucy Neatby videos. Anyway, making the strips was nice, especially in that bright, bright red. Picking up the stitches for the sole was a pain, even though I did some math beforehand to figure how to match 31 to 37. Then, for the uppers, I had the innovative (?) idea to knit the cuff in the round--I was just going to have to sew it up later, so it made sense.
Anyway, my plan is to never make these again. I think they'll look cute on the baby, but only because of the way baby feet are tiny and adorable and would look good with tiny cloth sacks on them. If I do ever make theses again, I will increase the one garter stitch that borders the cable on wither side to at least two. Maybe that's all they need. Or, maybe one day I'll take a finishing seminar and bring a pair. I do love my 50 baby bootees to knit, but I need a lot more specific instructions than "Ease upper shoe to fit round cable strip," and, although I'm quite happy with my mattress stitch, "use a flat seam . . . so that there is no ridge inside to rub against the skin" makes me feel both inadequate and guilty.

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Nana said...

What do those cute little booties have to do with FUDGE? I thought maybe I'd see a picture as mouth watering as the bread item you did.

Do you include a fudge recipe with the booties so the new mom has some comfort food for herself?