Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Big 33

Around Saturday I decided it would be very appropriate if I happened to be on row 33 of the Eunny Jang vest pattern on my thirty-third birthday, so I got just to the middle of that row and set it down in favor of other projects. On Monday I had a very nice birthday indeed, including a very thoughtful gift from the family (see the next post), and a lovely dinner out at a local restaurant we used to enjoy often but had stopped frequenting. Not on purpose, just because it's so hard to go out with two kids, and when you've gone to the trouble of getting someone to watch the two kids, then you want to go someplace really special and/or new and/or expensive. Anyway, Nana was just as good as we remembered, the patio out back just as pleasant and relaxed, and the downstairs bathroom space just as exotic.
Since then, I've been working at the sweater quite a bit. The argyle pattern is as intuitive as she said, and I am just thrilled to think that I'm about to start the v-neck steek. I explained to Ian (I think not for the first time) that every stitch on this sweater brings me closer to his EZ cardigan, because I have to prove to myself that steeks work before I can commit myself to the beautiful Aran sweater.

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