Wednesday, June 20, 2007

No-look project

One of the many things I enjoy about reading to the kids is the opportunity for guilt-free knitting. This is the best kind of multitasking, but it takes a special kind of project (at least for me). No lace, cabling, constant increasing. or colorwork, but straight knitting. I can do ribbing or back-and-forth, but the absolute best is stockinette in the round, row after row. Other things I'm loving about this particular project: (one of) my favorite color(s), size 7 needles, so it won't last forever, it's out of my favorite knitting magazine, and, when I'm finished, I'll have a lovely summer top.


Nana said...

I love the picture you use for this segment. Yes, I love the text as well. (Hope this comment gets to you)

twisty said...

i hope that comment gets to you too!