Friday, March 14, 2014

Thoughtful gift

As my youngest child continues to grow, it's been a pleasure to pass along her adorable clothes (most of them passed down to us by other generous folk). One of the main recipients has been a cute little girl about two years younger than Marly, whose middle name is the same as Marly's first. I had to laugh when her mom said that, thanks to us and some cousins, her daughter had more clothes than her two sons and her husband combined. It was easy to believe, because last spring I counted and discovered that Marly had enough dresses to wear a different one every day for a month. None were bought by me.
Anyway, yesterday, instead of passing on a bag of clothes, I received a bag with a wonderful surprise--beautiful, bold yarn from Argentina.

Within hours, I had a skein wound and had started a top-down raglan cardigan for Marly. I did not stop to swatch, and have gone up from size 9 to size 10 needles, but I'm having a ball, and trying out different techniques to pop the blue and pink nubbins to the front as I go.
Yes, this has jumped in front of Ian's socks and sweater and Conway's gloves, but with size 10 needles I should be finished in a matter of days, right?

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