Friday, March 7, 2014

Crazy for patches

Last spring I got the opportunity to help my friend Vladia teach sewing to a bunch of upper-elementary students at PS 9 (about 12 girls and one brave boy). The class culminated in a stuffed animal project based on their own illustrations, and they all learned the blanket stitch to assemble the pieces. My son, unlike the majority of boys, I'm told, is incredibly particular about what he wears, and loath to let go of pants that fit. My first attempt at knee-repair involved the sewing machine, but soon enough, I started sewing on patches by hand,
and now I can't seem to stop. Not just Washington's pants, but Marly's jeans, 
and even our pillowcase. 
Stitching the patches on is very Zen, but I also enjoy thinking about the fabric's origin. The pink patch is from the first pillowcase dress I made for Marly, and the black polka-dot is from her Easter dress last year.

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