Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Why I stopped blogging (and why I'm going to try to start again)

1. I couldn't do it well.
In the blogs I like, (e.g. Gofugyourself) there are links to old posts, archives, etc. I couldn't figure out how to do that, although I do appreciate the insert link button. When I googled myself, for whatever reason, I couldn't even see my blog. It's hard to upload pictures, too, because once they're up, I can't see them, and sometimes they get out of order.
2. 0 comments.
I started thinking of the blog as a way to let people validate me. my crafts, or my writing. If I ever did get a comment I was thrilled, and somehow it didn't count unless it was right there, under the post. The last straw, though, was when what I thought was a comment was actually a sneaky weight-loss SPAM. I felt taken in for believing someone I didn't know would comment and frustrated that I didn't see a good way to report it.
3. The time.
Life is somewhat busy with the 3 little ones, and I've composed quite a few blog posts in my head that never made it onto the site.
My new, somewhat belated resolution for 2009, is to blog to please myself, not worry about how many photos or links are in each post, but just kind of keep track of what I and the family are up to. I certainly have enough thoughts and musings running around my head trying to get out.
Happy New Year!

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