Sunday, October 19, 2008

Halloween hat

My favorite thing to do with leftover bits of yarn is a top-down baby hat:
CO 3 sts, work three or four rows of I-cord, inc every st, and then increase on the sixes every other round ([knit x stitches, increase] 6 times) This is especially easy if you're working with 4 dpns, because it's so easy to keep track of the incs--once in the middle and once on the end of each needle.
It's easy to weave in ends as you go, make patterns, etc, but, because I'm doing it to avoid having to make a gauge swatch, it almost always turns out an inch or so loose. Now this one, I ran out of white, put on black trim, duplicate-stitched a cat pattern from Knitting Over the Edge, and then decided it really was a little too wide and short. Solution? Crocheted ear-flaps.

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