Monday, November 7, 2016

Girls and Flexibility

waiting for stitiching
Awaiting stitching and a ribbed neck

Almost done with Marly's navy blue continuous cable sweater, and as I was finishing the sleeve saddles, I found myself wondering why anything for kids is made from the bottom up instead of top down.
I've put a lot of work--knitting, unravelling, reknitting, counting, sewing--into this sweater, yet it will just take one growth spurt to make it obsolete (maybe two, since I've made it big).
Is that the origin of 3/4-length sleeves and crop tops? Not fashion, but just a little leeway to keep wearing favorite items. And why do I find capri pants totally okay for my girl, but wince when my boy won't give up his favorite pants which now hit him above the ankle?
Since I started buying clothes for my kids, I have marveled at the difference between clothes for boys and girls. Remember the mom who posted about Target's shorts selection?
True as ever!

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