Thursday, April 10, 2014

Happy Anniversary from a WIP

For those unfamiliar with knitting lingo, a WIP is a work in progress, and while my wonderful husband presented me with a wrapped gift this morning, the contents of which I am now wearing on my wrist . . .
. . . he's going to patiently wait for his anniversary presents:
That's the other sock in the background (they're being worked at the same time), but both have about six stripes to go.
As for the sweater,
I guess I should be grateful for his building's overactive air conditioning system, because although I only have a dozen or so rows left on the body, I still have to knit two sleeves, so the weather may have turned quite warm before he gets to wear it.
When we got married, fifteen years ago, I was not a knitter; counted cross stitch was my hobby. Being able to finish a project and end up with something that can be used right away, as opposed to framed or put on a cushion, is one of the countless blessings I have discovered with Ian's encouragement. It would be hard to overstate the positive influence of having a partner by my side who believes I am capable of just about anything, and who gives me the courage to try new things. I am thankful every day that I have ended up with the living embodiment of the term "better half."

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